The Mano River Union Secretariat (MRU-S) the UN, and African Development Bank (AfDB), are partnering to conduct a joint fragility and resilience assessment in the four countries of the Mano River Union region with the view to examine the drivers of fragility and resilience in the four MRU Member States and at sub-regional level to inform on multidimensional risks, including spillover effects from neighboring crises, and operational responses to identified strategic priorities.

The AfDB’s mandate mainly focuses on socio-economic development for its Regional Member Countries (RMCs), whereas the UN focuses on conflict prevention, political affairs, human rights, the rule of law and justice in addition to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)/Agenda 2030.

The findings from the joint assessment will serve as an essential source to inform the AfDB country-specific strategies and sub-regional envelopes, align understanding and define programmatic synergies with the revised MRU Five (5) years strategic plan (2021-2025).

The MRU Secretariat has already received one of the consultants, Dr. Francis Nazario (UN Lead Consultant) whilst awaiting the arrival of the other consultant.

It is important to record that the Mano River region (Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) has experienced violent upheavals and political instability, suffered the worst Ebola outbreak since the disease was first diagnosed in 1976, with a significant negative impact on the entire West African region which has exposed the weaknesses in health systems and had an immense socio-economic impact in the region as it significantly reversed positive socioeconomic trajectories in hard-hit countries, and has also been impacted by COVID-19.



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