The MRU works through strategic partnerships. We coordinate effectively with the governments of member states during the implementation of our various programmes. Our most recent partners that have supported the implementation of our various projects include:

ACBF                    Africa Capacity-Building Foundation

AfDB                     African Development Bank

AU                        African Union

CBD                      United Nations Convention on Biodiversity

CDC                      United States Centers for Disease Control

CITES                    United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

DSG                      Deputy Secretary General

ECOWAS              Economic Community for West African States

EPA                       Environmental Protection Agency

EU                        European Union

FAO                      United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

GEF                       Global Environment Facility

GIZ                       German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

ICT                        Information and Communications Technology

IOM                      International Organization for Migration

ISAT                      International Security Advisory Team, Sierra Leone

IUCN                     International Union for the Conservation of Nature

JBSCBU                 Joint Border Security and Confidence Building Unit

MARWOPNET      Mano River Women’s Peace Network

MoY                      Ministry of Youth

MRU                     Mano River Union

MRUYP                 Mano River Union Youth Parliament

MS                        Member State

MTI                       Ministry of Trade and Industry

NSA                      Non-State Actor

SGBV                    Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

SIDA                     Swedish International Development Agency

SME                      Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise

STEM                    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

TC                         Technical Committee

TCAF                     Technical Commission on Administration and Finance

TVET                     Technical and Vocational Education and Training

UMC                     Union Ministerial Council

UN                        United Nations

UNDP                   United Nations Development Program

UNFPA                  United Nations Population Fund

UNOWAS              United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel

USAID                   United States Agency for International Development

WAATP                 West African Agricultural Transformation Program

WA BiCC              West African Biodiversity and Climate Change Project

WAHO                  West African Health Organization

WAPP                   West African Power Pool

WASH                   Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

WB                       World Bank